Apply for the GLAAACC Business Evolution Program Today!

We are proud that we can offer this service and confident that we will have a challenge selecting a recipient from the pool of outstanding applicants, specifically the GLAAACC membership.  Interested companies must be able to participate for the full one-year term and must meet the program criteria.  If you believe you qualify for this program, please follow our user-friendly application process.

First read the BEP brochure which explains the objectives of the BEP.  Secondly, fill out the enclosed application and include the appropriate documents.  Next, you must develop then provide the "vision" of where your organization is headed and how you propose to get it there.  Finally, submit two copies of your current business plan with recent financial statements.  This vision statement is your opportunity to communicate your goals and objectives to the selection committee.  

The Business Evolution Program (BEP) Committee will review all of the applications and compile a list of interview candidates by October 2018.  A selection panel will interview the finalists and make a recommendation to the GLAAACC Board. At our annual awards dinner on Friday, March 8, 2019, we will announce the selectee. From that day on for twelve months the selectee will be afforded access to valuable contacts, information and resources to assist the company's rise to the next level of performance.  At the end of the twelve-month period the BEP Committee will evaluate the progress of the company.


  • Must be willing to commit to a two year membership with GLAAACC if selected

  • Must have been in business for at least two years

  • Must submit a current business plan that reflects the following:

    • Positive future growth potential

    • High probability of financing support

    • Demonstrate outstanding leadership skills

  • The selected firm will commit to one full year to complete the program.

GLAAACC is now accepting applications for the BEP!  Our deadline for applications is by the close of business on Monday, October 15, 2018 so don't delay!  If you are interested in applying for the program, visit our website at to download an application today!