GLAAACC actively advocates on various business issues. The Chamber provides access to politicians and influence over public policy issues that affect the African American business community. As a well known advocate for small businesses in the Los Angeles region, GLAAACC works to create and sustain a positive and constructive business environment in which all businesses can grow and flourish.  Whether focused on simplifying the city’s business tax system, to fighting for more subcontracting opportunities for minority enterprises, to supporting education and workforce development, GLAAACC is working to create a better L.A.

Public Policy

GLAAACC actively advocates on various business issues. The Chamber provides access to politicians and influence over public policy issues that affect the business community. GLAAACC also provides members with opportunities to engage in open dialogue concerning key business issues with legislative officials.

GLAAACC Public Policy Committee

Mission: The GLAAACC Public Policy Committee champions business-friendly legislation, public policy, projects, and programs through which government promotes economic growth and development in the greater Los Angeles region. See attached for additional details.

Vision: GLAAACC is the principle trustee for the welfare of the African American Business in the greater Los Angeles region. The GLAAACC Public Policy Committee works to position the Chamber as the preeminent advocate for a legislative and regulatory climate that is conducive to the growth of existing African American businesses, and the proliferation of new African American businesses.

The GLAAACC Public Policy Committee will aggressively advocate uniting the public and private sectors around major policy objectives. Our principal areas of focus will include the following:

Business Vitality & Economic Growth

1. Improve region’s business climate by working with lawmakers to develop legislation and policies that promote competitiveness, job growth and new investment with special attention and care given to ensuring that businesses are not overly burdened by excessive taxation, government regulations, workplace standards and other employer costs.

2. Domestic & International Trade: Ensure that minority-owned business are apprised of new alliances, treaties, etc. that will provide opportunities to take advantage of our region’s diversity and proximity to major trading partners and international trade activity.

Infrastructure Policy and Services

1. Focus on those policies and government services that modernize and/or strengthen our state’s infrastructure, as it has major implications for Transportation & Goods Movement, transit-oriented developments and incentives for smart-growth, incentives for cleaner technologies, conservation, recycling and sustainable practices, etc.

Governance & Fiscal Reform

1. Fair Share: Since the nation’s most populous state has a return of only 79 cents on each federal tax dollar – costing state taxpayers billion$, we would seek to promote Southern California as a national asset and to encourage increased federal investment.

Voter’s Guide

GLAAACC is dedicated to providing its members with the resources and information needed to make it to the ballot box and vote for the candidate who will best help their small businesses.

Though there is only one Election Day, GLAAACC members have access to valuable voter resources throughout the year including general voting information, campaign finance information, issue briefs, and Congressional voting records. And in the run up to Election Day, GLAAACC helps to ensure that its members are registered to vote, informed about voting options and equipped with the information they need to make the best voting decisions. Below are a few quick links related to general voting information.

Register to Vote

How to Vote on Election Day

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Finding Your Polling Location

Obtain Vote-by-Mail Ballot Information

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